Full Online Coaching

One of the services offered here at DOT Fitness is full online coaching. Some people understand the basics of the gym and nutrition, but need a bit of guidance on establishing a proper plan to achieve their goals. Some people just need a little extra accountability. Online coaching is a perfect option for those that have built a foundation when it comes to health and fitness and are looking for a plan of action to help guide them to their goals. 

Full Online Coaching is $300.00 for the initial 8 weeks. 8 weeks is the minimum amount of weeks I offer for online coaching. This initial fee covers determining your weekly macros, creating your workout program, and closely monitoring your progress for the duration of the 8 weeks. My goal is to get you to your goal and I will do everything I can to set you up for success. You will have access to me as your personal coach 24/7 via my custom coaching app should you ever have any questions or concerns.  Every additional month thereafter is $100. For more information on online coaching or to get started, schedule an online coaching consult call on the home page.  


  • Eight weeks of exclusive one-on-one online coaching

  • Customized training program tailored to your physique, goals and training availability

  • Custom built all-in-one app to guide you through your programming.
  • Initial 30-minute consultation where we get to know each other, discuss goals, challenges, preferences and expectations prior to program development

  • Weekly Check-In to discuss progress toward goals, successes with workouts, difficulties, upcoming program adjustments, etc.

  • Weekly program tweaks if necessary based on progress, challenges, or changes in availability

  • 24/7 access to messaging with me for any and all questions

  • Customized nutritional advice regarding caloric intake and macronutrient targets *NOTE: I am not a registered dietitian. All nutritional advice given are general suggestions based on personal experience and successes of clients.*

  • Program delivery with Training File to actively track progress  on your mobile device